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(no subject)

Apr. 19th, 2009 | 12:09 am


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Rainbow Diet!

Mar. 28th, 2009 | 11:29 pm
music: There's No Sympathy For The Dead

Okay so on Wednesday I think we were in Language Arts and Kris took al the pillows and put it on his desk. Todd was like look he is not going to get in trouble, if that was me I would get yelled at right away. It was so hilarious because ms mestelle didnt care. It was a huge pile of pillows too. Then he layed on the floor with them. It was so funny. Yesterday was Natalia's B-Day and it was so fun. I ate like a pig. I gained like 2 pounds. Im going to do th rainbow diet or something like that. Natalia said she would do it with me.

Here it is: Dinner
Monday; Green (lettuce, celery) green beans

Tuesday; Yellow (ripe pears, bananas) corn

Wednesday; Orange (carrots, oranges) sweet potatoes

Thursday; Red (apples, tomatoes, strawberries) tomato soup

Friday; White (califlower, egg whites, steamed potatoes, string cheese) rice or califlower

Saturday; 400 calories only

Sunday; 400 calories only

Anywho, today was pretty bad. I binged on food. I hate binging. Tomorrow will be better, I know it. I might go to sleep now.

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Today was awesome and not awesome.

Mar. 24th, 2009 | 09:42 pm

I am really upset today. I gained like 7 pounds from the last time I saw my weight. I'm really need to control myself. I'm going to do crunches before I go to sleep. I can't believe I gained 7 fucking pounds. I am so fucking fat. Maybe because I weighed myself after I ate like a pig today. Tomorrow morning I better see a difference. Starting a 12 hour fast or something close to a 24 hour atleast. I forgot the last time I ate. I think it was like 6? So I'll do a 20 hour fast. Okay I am going to do a 20 hour fast. I guess I'm going to join a pro ana community and hit the showers. Wash my hair and maybe blow dry it. OH YEAH! Today I went to go hang out with Natalia. And we hanged out with her brother, David, his friend Matt and David's girlfriend hailey. Dude it was so awesome. We went ot this pizza place. But i didnt eat pizza like 1/4 of a brownie. Then the car ride was so fun. Natalia would stick her head out the window. IT WAS SO FUNNY! and then the car stopped complety. no joke. right BEFORE we went on the train tracks. then 2 minutes sitting there a train came. IT WAS SO CLOSE! then we saw a cop and david and hailey went to the cop and shit. then me and natalia walked home. its a good thing the car stopped close to river grove or else i would have been fucked. i only had like 15 minutes to walk home. close one i tell ya. it was so fun today, except for the part i found out that i gained and todd and kris call me fat today like 4562186 millions times. i just wanted to cry. they call me a beet. its round. i wanted to curl up into a ball and cry. god, i hate my life. tomorrow will be better. i promise. well im going to hit the showers.


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Wow, I'm slow.

Jan. 1st, 2009 | 04:51 pm

I just realized I have EDNOS.

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